Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Alright some quick eye candy for you for Christmas.

Rooting around on Thrasher's site. I came across a few stoke of the days, many that had never been seen. I put together most of the East Coast related ones. Good stuff.

Thats my kid right there at 7!

Came across this sick video from Elwood. Some familiar East Side spots in there, looks like a good tour:

Big Brother, what can you say. They put the fun and hate into the skateboarding media, "skateboarding is not so serious" and this site is right there with that ethos. Lots of random articles.

Ryan Simonetti and Steve O got a rad video coming out, Pounding out the Randoms.

Getting Awesome!

Everyone have a great Holiday week. See you guys next year, 2010 will be a good year for ECA. Big things coming.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

KDH, Boston, Flip, Patagonia

KDH park is not open, so wait till it is.

This is Boston not LA:
is a hardcore punk compilation album released in 1982. Great Hardcore from the Boston scene. Nate from the Boston bands Converge and Doomriders contributes this. Boston RiffRaff, a look at some spots in the NE.

Had some contact with Lance Mountain who was considering paying our pool riddled stretch with the Flip team last month on their way to Easter Distrib for their final day of tour/demos on the East Coast. Turns out the tour was tight so they skipped it, he def has plans to come get some Wanchese another time. Check the pics on Flip's website. Those guys have a killer team.

Wanderlust, a word that has been with me since the first days of reading about Huck Finn on the ole muddy Mississippi River when I was 10. Used to love that book, Fact is, to this day hand me any book about anyone that has taken normality and shaken the logic out of everyday existence and thrown themselves into the grips of their own personal wanderlust. I'll read it!

Came across this site today: http://180south.com/ detailed account of Patagonia's CEO's adventure to southern Chile in 1968 in a VW bus. the site also features a similar adventure by like minded souls in 2008 on a sail boat leaving from Ventura CA. Great site, and looks to be a great surf/adventure movie along with an insightful look into what the people in Chilean Patagonia are going through to keep their natural resources safe from outside sources such as big money electric companies. Check it out.

Send me some news. ocnsky at yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The begining take II

Attempting again to recover from my failed offering over a year ago. Sidetracked by mindless faceless blogging on a another social darling site, here again is where I will choose to free binary babble and just general keyboard ripatude.

Will ECA continue, will it be redesigned, ECA III ever gonna be done? Who knows? The only place we were going with all that was your skate spots, come skate ours, and share the stoke. Barnstormers need not apply. Bring beer, bring your shred, bring grillables. We love grilling.

It's DEC 1st, the Outer Banks winter official launch month. I just had my knee sliced open and am scheming my return. I limped and struggled through grinds here and there long enough. Fixed, time to kick start this stumbleblunder.

Everyone like that shot of young Corbett over there? Def the Skateboarding Punk Rock Nerd Don.

Get out your magnifying glasses and read his Duty Now interview in Juice Magazine Here.

While your at it check out Henry G's and Sergie's in the same mag. Windsor Woods legends and Wanchese Brethren.

Artisan Skateparks are on the rise. Three more parks by the new year, thats seven parks this year total! Peep the progress here.

My buddy Dirty is on the mend from a busted spleen. Wish him well! Thinking of you ole Dirt!

Don't call it a come back.....


Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome to the first words

this shot is the top of a burn barrel taken by lnelson

Interwretching the  technical sentimentality. Experimenting with the printed technical word conundrum. Could be bathroom humour, could be gravitational uneasiness blood leveled alchohol induced phsyco babble, or just plain wooden toy talk while rolling though the doldrums of lifes rich sonet.

Started this blog for no real reason other than, it's easy to type and ad pics/content, don't have to upload things through my server, and sometimes I like typing things that are on my mind and the facespace gerbil cage just gets my fur into a pangolin frenzy. 

Stay tuned. Expect: Art, Photography, Skateboarding, Sailing, Surfing, Snowboarding, Weather, Music, Family, Beer babble, Work rants, and whatever else comes to mind. Thanks for checking in.